JENNA Anise Sfifa Kimono

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JENNA means Heaven ! The fabric patterns and the Anise Green gallons remind the sweetness of spring ...

Our Kimonos are inspired by the famous Moroccan CAFTAN loved for the wide and long cuts, adjustability, comfort and beautiful touches of embroideries and gallons Sfifa.

Wear the JENNA Kimono over simple jeans and T-shirt or a dress to make it chic !
Any combination will bring a boho touch to all occasions day and night !

Details : 

  • Loose fit & slightly thick fabric ;
  • Long cut ; 
  • Long sleeves ;
  • All Embellished with Authentic Anise Green Sfifa, handmade moroccan gallons in silk.

Fabric care : Delicate wash. No dryer. 

One Size and Ample : Fits to S-M-L-XL Sizes. 

Made in a small workshop in Marrakesh, Morocco. 

Brand : THÏAB Designed by Samia

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