Essential Collection

Ode to my beloved father ... 
"What we have lived these last years showed me how it is essential to take time for ourselves. And how precious it is to focus on beauty in the simple daily things that we enjoy everyday. 
So day after day, I felt more attracted to simplicity and kind of minimalism. You can easily see it in this new collection shapes : it is wide, with simple cuts and very comfy. The other thing is my attraction to natural fabrics that I started to adore because of the beauty of the fiber, how it colores & how it evolves with time to become even better. 
With Sustainability as a direction, i
t was a Must to work with natural fibers for THÏAB's new collection !
One of the gallons is a gift from Cairo ! I have a special love for ancient Egypt...that’s why I found the inspiration to name my collections pieces by Egyptian places and personalities names.
With the colors, I wanted to invite through this collection to travel to the Marrakech area Nature, Ourika road, what we see when we walk out of the city… the whole landscape is Terracotta tones with soft greens."

By Samia.
Founder, Creative director & Designer of THÏAB @thiab.official