Green Blossom Kimono Dress

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Meet our new collection Masterpiece the blossom Kimono Dress! An invitation to express yourself, be true to yourself and allow you to blossom!

You are invited to wear this beauty the way you desire! 

Details : 

  • Color : water Green ; 
  • Loose fit ;
  • Soft and natural fabric 100% Linen ; 
  • Extra Wide sleeves ; 
  • Extra Puffed sleeves ; 
  • Embellished front and back neckline ;
  • Embellished large belt ; 
  • Embellished with handmade moroccan gallons & finitions in silk.

Composition : 100% Linen and handmade finitions. 

One Size and Wide : Suitable for all body types.

Fabric care :  Delicate wash. No dryer. 

Made carefully in a small workshop in Marrakesh, Morocco. 

Brand : THÏAB Designed by Samia

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