AMAL Floral Long Dress

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"AMAL" means Hope.

This long dress is named to honour the memory of a very good friend. 

Feel the magic of this comfy long dress and its beautiful patterns !

Perfect for sunny days and summer evenings. 

Details : 

  • Loose fit and fluid fabric ;
  • Wide half-sleeves ; 
  • Ajustable belt ; 
  • Side pockets ;
  • Button inside to adjust the size ;
  • Shoulders Embellished with Authentic Gold Sfifa, handmade moroccan gallons in silk.

Fabric care : Delicate wash. No dryer. 

One Size and Ample : Fits to S-M-L-XL Sizes. 

Made in a small workshop in Marrakesh, Morocco. 

Brand : THÏAB Designed by Samia

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