A word from the Designer & Founder Samia

Get to know me better ...

As an Engineer by training, I have an sharp eye for detail.  At a certain point in my life, I chose to explore other versions of myself.  My love for art, design and fashion have always inspired me to create new things...

After much reflection, I have decided to allow my creativity to blossom and not be contained to one sphere of being.
Also, through my travels and daily life, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people of different backgrounds who showed me that we can be whatever we imagine and see whatever we believe.

Through THÏAB, I intend to share my perspective !
I hope also to encourage people to follow their passions, embrace the ups and downs in life and allow yourself to achieve excellence.  This comes through exploration, perseverance, strong faith and sheer tenacity.

Do we really have to be put in a box and then not to get out from it ? I find the concept very far from what a human being can be. Isn't it ?

Allow me to tell you, let your every single part of you sparkle, shine and radiate your life with ups and downs. You deserve to explore your own life and make your assumed personal choices.

I am Samia, founder of THÏAB @thiab.official.  I manage all aspects of THÏAB from design to final delivery.  I care about every step this brand takes.  I spend also many hours, with so much pleasure, making selections for our Concept Store Corner, to promote Moroccan craftsmanship and other brands that catch my eye and adheres to THÏAB's ethics.

With love,


Founder, Creative director & Designer of THÏAB @thiab.official

Photo credits : THÏAB @thiab.official