THÏAB's Ethics

Our #slowfashion values

Our Slow Fashion ethics are expressed by our support of small clothing workshops, where feasible, the limitation of pollution emitting transport in our supply chain, and minimal packaging.
THÏAB cares about our eco-footprint and we are committed to manufacturing in close proximity to our sales markets to reduce the need for transport by pollution-heavy supply chain elements.

In the spirit of #SlowFashion, THÏAB revolves around fair trade and the support of handmade fabrication as much as possible.  Our commitment to Ecology is driven by conscious choices in our supply chain, packaging and choice of materials, in order to be environmentally friendly to the highest degree possible.

Our Concept Store Ethics

Through THÏAB’s choices you can feel modernity and eccentricity mixed with our authentic Moroccan roots.

THÏAB carries other European brand’s clothing selections in addition to THÏAB Collections. Committed to our Ethics, our clothing selections are 100% designed in Europe & 95% made in Italy, Spain and Morocco. 

THÏAB carries also curated Moroccan handicraft treasures for decoration and accessorizing.
THÏAB’s goal is to promote ancestral Moroccan craftsmanship and to highlight it’s fascinating history.

Always in very limited quantity !